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    Below you will find a guide to the prescribed films for junior cycle English for the student cohorts commencing Junior Cycle in 2021, 2022 and 2023, including a synopsis, themes and the film trailer. 

    * Please note the following films are available to rent or buy on several platforms and websites.

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    Below are some suggested films and resources to use with Junior Cycle English classrooms.

    Please be aware that there are sensitive issues in some of these films. 

    We recommend that all films are watched before exploration in the classroom.

    Kelvin Kind, a wonderful loser with a heart of gold, is blissfully unaware of his own loneliness. But when a beautiful girl moves into the apartment across the hall, Kelvin’s solitary world is turned upside down. As he tries in vain to get the girl’s attention, Kelvin is soon forced to realise that being in love isn’t easy for nice guys… (15 mins approx.)

    You can also explore and discover a variety of suitable short films to explicitly teach with junior cycle English classes at the following websites:

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    The following workshop from Online Cluster CPD 2020/21 may support you in the English classroom.

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