CPD Workshops 2019/2020

Please note that the following supports make reference to the relevant circulars and NCCA publications at the time of design.

Repurposed CPD Workshop 2019/2020 with voiceover (Due to COVID-19 Pandemic)

As a result of restrictions due to Covid-19, the interruption to school openings at the commencement of the 2020/2021 school year, and the prolonged period of school closure since March 2020 which has resulted in significant loss of class contact time, JCT is unable to offer face-to-face second teaching subject CPD workshops during the September/October 2020 period this year.


Instead, we have re-purposed our 2019/2020 subject workshops to make them suitable for online engagement by teachers. Our subject CPD workshops facilitated during 2019/2020, therefore, have been uploaded below.


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