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Post Date: 16 October 2020

Update for October 2020

JCT Leadership Team Update October 2020 


The JCT Leadership Team continues to support school leaders in the implementation of the Junior Cycle Framework (2015).  We are adapting our work and supports to ensure we are meeting your needs on the ground, amid these challenging and uncertain circumstances.


We wish to acknowledge the great work that school leaders do in all Post-primary schools around the country and of course all teachers and ancillary staff who are working so hard to ensure students returned to and remain in school.

The Leadership Team is hosting a series of webinars specifically aimed at the immediate needs of school leaders.


The next webinar in the series will be broadcast on Thursday 22nd October 2020 from 5-6pm entitled Collaboration in the physically distanced classroom - considerations for school leaders.



The intention of the webinar is to explore how school leaders can support whole school approaches to collaboration in the physically distanced classroom in their schools











Click here to register for the webinar.









The previous two webinars had the following focus:  


A discussion with School leaders - Reflecting on our experiences during school closure and setting priorities for learning in 2020/21.


In this webinar we facilitated a conversation with three school leaders on their experience of leading and managing their schools during the recent school closures, what were the successes and the challenges in the process and how they are setting the learning priorities in their schools for 2020/2021


Assessment arrangements for Junior Cycle 2020/2021


In this webinar we explored the leadership and management implications of the revised assessment arrangements for the 2018 – 2021 cohort of students, in the wider context of planning for CBAs in this school year. Several resources were developed, including planning support Classroom-Based Assessments.



The recordings of these two webinars and associated resources can be accessed on the JCT website here


Please contact the leadership team, Fiona.obrien@jct.ie and Helen.costello@jct.ie if you require any support with implementing aspects of Junior Cycle in your school.