CPD Workshops 2022/2023

This section contains the professional learning materials and supporting resources used during the 2022/2023 cluster CPD. The materials and resources will further support the professional learning of colleagues at school level, and of those teachers who are new or returning to the subject.


Teachers may wish to print or download the accompanying booklet prior to engaging with the CPD.

Session 1: Assessment as an integral part of everyday teaching and learning

This section explores the use of effective questioning to support teaching, learning and assessment.

Session 2: Formative assessment practices that provide support, access and challenge for each learner

This section further explores the link between developing and assessing knowledge, understanding and skills through four strategies that provide support, access and challenge for each learner. Assessments are then developed around CW10 and there is an opportunity for subject-department collaboration.

Session 3: Inquiry as an approach to support inclusive practice

This section examines inquiry as a support for all students, including students engaging with L2LPs. The session also provides an opportunity for subject department collaboration.