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Elective CPD workshops are offered to teachers as further supports

Supporting a Student-Led Approach to CBA 2



Click on the website to access resources from the three webinar workshops. 

The EPA Land-use Maps page shows how to examine land-use change over time in a local local area.

The CSO Census Data page shows how to access Small Area Population Statistics for a local area.

The Online Survey Tools page shows how to create online surveys as part of a local investigation.

The Resources Page contains supportive resources and documents from the webinar.  

Supporting Student Research
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Suggested Approaches to Completing CBA1: Geography in the News
Preparing for Classroom-Based Assessment 2 'My Geography' and the SLAR Meeting
Using the Specification to Plan Units of Learning - Getting Bogged Down
Using the Specification to Plan Units of Learning - From Garbhann's Fort to Dungarvan