Business Studies

CPD Workshops 2022/2023

Online CPD Resources - Introduction

Below are the professional learning materials and supporting resources used during the 2022/2023 Business Studies cluster CPD. The materials and resources will further support the professional learning of colleagues at school level, and of those teachers who are new or returning to the teaching of Business Studies. 


This section contains the overview resources related to the online CPD 2022/23 including the Presentation, Links Support Document and Resource Booklet.  

You may wish to print or download the resource booklet prior to engaging with the CPD.  Two versions of the booklet (PDF and Word) have been made available within this section.  For a hard copy of the booklet it is advisable to print the PDF version of the booklet. For a digital copy of the booklet it is advisable to download the Editable (Word) version of the booklet.

Session One - Our Community of Practice

In this section you will find a number of CPD resources that support Business Studies subject departments when engaging with the collaborative review and development of their practice. It contains an editable SCOT analysis template, a sample Focus Area - "Being Creative" and also a blank editable Focus Area template that can be downloaded and used to support the development of subject department planning.

Session Two (Part A) - Supporting Students Following Level 2 Learning Programmes.

In this section you will find two resources that can support teachers (and subject departments) when considering the opportunities to support students who are following a Level Two Learning Programme (L2LP) within the Business Studies classroom. It contains a sample "Developing a Unit of Learning" resource and an interactive 'thinglink' that can be engaged with to provide additional information.

Session Two (Part B) - Learning, Teaching And Assessment - Final Accounts.

This section contains resources linked to the Final Accounts for an enterprise specifically learning outcome 2.13. It contains a video clip detailing one teacher's reflections on learning outcome 2.13, a sample resource focusing on the use of action verbs to support learning, teaching and assessment, an editable Question Quadrant template and a related Income Statement (that acts as a stimulus piece).

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Session Three - Building Knowledge, Understanding, Skills and Values - 'Our Economy'

This section contains a number of resources that support teachers in planning learner experiences that make economics more accessible within the Business Studies classroom. It contains two videos, one detailing a sample learner experience and another showing sample classroom practice. It also contains two support resources including a PDF poster "Constructing, Understanding & Interpreting Graphs in Business Studies" and an application of sample support strategies when working with graphs using Supply and Demand.