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Post Date: 12 January 2021

January 2021 update

The JCT Leadership Team very much appreciates the ongoing challenges that schools face and for the school year 2020/2021 our CPD for School Leaders has been moved into the online space due to the restrictions necessitated by Covid-19.

Thus, we have restructured our usual one full day workshop for school leaders into three separate but interconnecting workshops, taking place on three separate dates over the period from January to May. A very short video detailing how this professional learning experience for school leaders will be organised can be viewed here .

The theme of the JCT Leadership online spring workshops 2021 is - Leading a Student-centred Approach to Assessment.

Each workshop will be of 90 minutes duration and will take place online via Zoom. When registering for the three workshops, you will be given a range of dates to choose from.


Workshop 1: Exploring a dual approach to assessment which supports learning over the three years of Junior Cycle       

 January 25th –12th February 2021

Workshop 2: Supporting effective assessment practices to develop student ownership of learning 
 March 1st – 19th March 2021

Workshop 3:  Evaluating the manageability and impact of the school's assessment practices    
 April 19th - 7th May 2021








The workshops will focus on exploring the term ‘over-assessment’ and its implications for the leadership and management of assessment practices in our schools, as referred to in the most recent Department of Education Circular 0076/2020


'As all new subject specifications include ongoing feedback, formative assessment, CBAs, assessment tasks (where relevant) as well as final examinations, there is a need to avoid ‘over-assessment’ and to minimise the cumulative burden on students and teachers of multiple assessments across the full range of subjects.'

                                                                                                                 Circular 0076/2020


The aim of these workshops is to support you as a school leader to:

  • address this statement from the Circular
  • guide you through a process of reviewing and evaluating the manageability and impact of the current assessment practices at a whole school and subject department level
  • enable you to make key decisions regarding assessment going forward


A supporting resource booklet has been created to assist you to explore assessment practices in your school and to enable you to evaluate and lead desired changes. All these resources will be available on the website once the workshops begin.

Two copies of this booklet will be sent to your school prior to the workshops. 

Please log onto www.jctregistration.ie to register for the workshops.


After registering, you will receive a Zoom link and a brief video detailing how to participate in the CPD.

This link can only be used with the email address you provided upon registration.

The JCT Leadership team are looking forward to seeing you there.
Please contact the leadership
team, Fiona.obrien@jct.ie and Helen.costello@jct.ie if you require any support with implementing aspects of Junior Cycle in your school.