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Post Date: 03 December 2019

December 2019 Update

The Whole School Team will have delivered CPD in 455 Post-primary schools between late August and the end of December 2019. There are three possible CPD days to choose from


  • The Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Reporting pathway
  • The Curriculum in Context pathway
  • The Inclusion pathway


The Whole School Team is made up of Team-leaders, Advisors and part-time Associates. We want to thank school Principals and their Boards of Management for allowing our Associates to work with us. Associates bring many positives back to their schools


  • A deeper knowledge and understanding of the Framework for Junior Cycle
  • Support towards embedding good practice their in school
  • Development of facilitation skills, so that they may lead out on school-based CPD in their own context


The Team Leaders and Advisors answer many questions by email and by phone. We welcome these and respond to them as quickly as possible. Many of the queries this term have been in the area of the Wellbeing Programme. The Autumn Leadership CPD answered many of these queries for School Leaders. The Commonly Asked Wellbeing Questions document (here) is a particular support put into the system at this time.


The Whole School Team is also supporting an Action Research project around the Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice (here). To implement this policy every school and centre for education is required by 2023, to use the School Self-Evaluation process to initiate a wellbeing promotion review and development cycle. The Department of Education and Skills has a wide range of resources to support Wellbeing in schools available here.


In Spring 2020, the Whole School Team will review feedback to date in order to develop a new Whole School Day. They will also undertake school visits around their Region and continue to support schools with their particular queries surrounding Junior Cycle.


Donal O’ Mahony
Deputy Director (Whole School and Leadership)