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Post Date: 13 December 2019

Week of Webinars

Weeks of Webinars 2020

Junior Cycle for Teachers are hosting a series of elective webinars from March 23rd - April 23rd to support teachers across the junior cycle curriculum. Two webinars will take place each evening during the Weeks of Webinars: 6.15-7.15 and 7.30-8.30. Webinar recordings and all materials will be available on after the event.

The MFL Webinar "Curious About Questions" will take place on March 26th from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. 

Click on the link below to register. Once registered, a reminder e-mail will be sent to you prior to the webinar commencing.

MFL-Curious About Questions

Post Date: 10 March 2020

Time to submit your digital story!

The digital story should demonstrate rich use of the target language ( French / German / Italian / Spanish), creativity and digital skills, to engage the audience and to tell a story. As part of the adjudication process, consideration will be given to the students' stage of language development. We look forward to seeing a range of digital stories from all year groups in junior cycle.

Please complete this form to submit your entry.

Closing date for submissions is March 28th, 2020. 

Post Date: 24 February 2020

New Resources

Below you will find resources as well as the link to the page where these resources can be found. Alternatively you can use the search function on our website, select "Modern Foreign Languages" and then from the dropdown menu entitled " Date uploaded" please select "last day/week/month etc." to find recently uploaded material. 

Resources uploaded to our website on March 10th 2020:

Interview with Professor David Little 


Resources uploaded to our website in January 2020: 

Assessment Task Screencast 

Link to Assessment Task Guidelines

Link to SEC Assessment Task Circular S96/19 and

MFL Digital Storytelling Resources including Posters, Flyers and templates for storyboarding, digital storytelling guidelines as well as a storyboard checklist. 

Resources uploaded to our website on December 13th 2019:   

Webinar Video CBA 2 The Student Language Portfolio

TPN Conferences 2019 Folder:

GDI Conference Menti Results  

Workshop Materials:

The following material was used in our recent workshops at the I love MFL Conference. They may support you further in developing student reflection, oral communication as well as the skills of reading and listening. They can all be found in the folder entitled: I love MFL Symposium on our Elective Workshops Page. 

MFL Presentation "Active Methodologies for Reading and Listening"

MFL Handout Active Methodologies

MFL Presentation "Embedding Oral Communication with Digital Tools"

MFL AudioNote App Tutorial Video

MFL Speech Recognition App Tutorial G Suite

MFL Speech Recognition App Tutorial Office


Resources uploaded to our website on December 4th 2019:   

December 2019: 

CPD Supports Folder

Materials used during our current cluster workshops:


Learning Log

Feedback Activity French

Feedback Activity German

Feedback Activity Italian

Feedback Activity Spanish

Elective Workshop Folder:

What's Your Story Elective


Storytelling Guidelines

Registration Link for Elective Workshops


Assessment Folder:

Teacher Annotations Template CBA 2


Resources Folder: 

Games in the MFL Classroom Folder and

Games in the MFL Classroom Booklet

Editable Board Game Template

Editable Dominos Template

Editable Taboo Template

Editable Top Trumps Template

Editable Stop the Bus Template


Resources uploaded to our website in November 2019:

Planning Resources Folder: 

How To Screencast: Highlighting Aspects in Focus 

Black and White Learning Outcomes Poster -

Resources Folder and Elective Workshops Folder: 

Supporting Student Reflection Poster - Portfolio Supports in ,

Resources Folder:

Embedding Oral Communication with Digital Tools -

How to Tutorials Folder: 

Adobe Spark Tutorial

Kahoot Tutorial

Quizlet Tutorial

Socrative Tutorial

Voki Tutorial

Enabling Speech Recognition in Google

Enabling Speech Recognitions in Microsoft