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Post Date: 08 June 2017

Update for June 2017

The JCT leadership workshops in the autumn of 2016 focussed on timetabling and curriculum planning, while in the Spring of 2017 the emphasis was on The Wellbeing guidelines for Junior cycle and implementing circular letter 15/2017. These presentations and their associated resources are available in the Leadership CPD workshop section of this website.


Planning for the leadership workshops for 2017/18 is well underway. In early September, School leaders and the schools learning support co-ordinator will be invited to attend a specific leadership workshop focussed on the Level 2 learning programme. The aim of the workshop is to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of how the students experience the programme through specific Level 2 learning outcomes in the classroom. Other topics to be addressed in the workshop will include planning an L2LP student programme, gathering evidence of learning for the student’s portfolio, timetabling the programme and assessing the learning. Workshops will be delivered in 9 different venues around the country at the end of September/early October by school leaders and teachers who are currently implementing the programme in their schools.


The Autumn JCT leadership workshop for 2017 will focus on examining the key themes of Junior cycle reform and how school leaders can further embed these changes through collaborative whole school planning. Letters of invitation to these workshops will be issued in early October.


Please ensure that all your teachers are registered on jctregistration.ie

Post Date: 11 May 2017

May Update

During 2016/2017 JCT has delivered over 60 workshops to school leaders across the country. In the Autumn of 2016 the workshop focussed on timetabling and curriculum planning. There has been continued interest in the Curriculum Planning Tool that many school leaders are using to plan their curriculum. This is available to download (in the leadership resource section) of the website. The full presentation is also available to view and download in the CPD section of the leadership website. JCT wishes to thank the NAPD and their regional network for inviting us to present at their meetings over the past number of months on the area of curriculum planning.


The spring workshop of 2017 focussed on the Wellbeing Guidelines for Junior Cycle and the circular letter 15/2017. These presentations are available to download in the leadership / CPD section of the website.


Thank you to all the participants at the workshops who took the time to give feedback and indicated the areas where JCT can provide further support in the future. We are currently analysing these responses and together with the feedback from the leadership associates and the priorities from the Department of Education and Skills, we are designing the next leadership workshop to be delivered in the Autumn 2017.

Post Date: 11 April 2017

Workshops for School Leaders

By the first week in May 2017 Junior Cycle for Teachers will have delivered just over 30 Workshops for School Leaders across the country. The Workshops started at the end of March and explore the Wellbeing Guidelines and the implications of Circular Letter 15/2017.


There is great interest in the Workshops and we have opened extra spaces in Athlone (2nd May), Cork (3rd May) and Dublin (4th May). Registration for these is via www.jctregistration.ie as per the letter sent to every school in the country. We expect that about 700 School Leaders will attend the current round of Workshops.


The slides from the Workshops themselves are available online (in the Leadership CPD Supports section) along with documentation distributed on the day. This is where you will find the completed Appendix I from the Wellbeing Guidelines as part of the Learning Log used by School Leaders on the day of their Workshop.


There have been engaging discussions during the Workshops and School Leaders are particularly interested in the first-draft of the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement which is on display (not in the online slides) during the Workshop.


We value feedback both in terms of the design of future workshops and reporting back to the Department of Education and Skills as to the current thinking of School Leaders on Junior Cycle.


If you have been at a Workshop and have not submitted feedback please click on the feedback link at jctregistration.ie in the top right-hand corner.



There is still considerable interest in our Curriculum Planning workshops from earlier this school year. They are all available online, including the Curriculum Planning Tool that many School Leaders are using. JCT wishes to thank the NAPD and their regional network for inviting us to present at their meetings over the past number of months on the area of curriculum planning.


Once this current round of Workshops is over, we look at your feedback, listen to the experiences of our Leadership Associates, review the current issues with the Department of Education and Skills and start to design our next Workshop which will take place in Autumn 2017.





Post Date: 20 February 2017

6th February 2016

Whole School

Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) is available to provide Whole School Support to all post-primary schools. This service will place the needs of the school at the heart of the CPD process. School leaders, with their teachers will have considerable autonomy in determining the content covered on the day, as well as identifying aspects of the day that can be led by staff in the school. A typical structure to this day will include:


  • Introductory session, exploring the Framework for Junior Cycle, its context and the phased introduction of subjects.

  • School will choose to focus on either key skills, assessment, short courses, statements of learning or Level 2 Learning Programmes

  • Teachers will explore a range of teaching strategies to embed concepts in their practice

  • The school will plan for the next steps on their Junior Cycle journey.


Principals can register for this service by returning this form attached.
Or click here… to download printable version (Download and return by fax or email).
The appropriate Team Leader from JCT will then contact schools to arrange the CPD requested.


Registering Teachers

JCT invites teachers to CPD based on their registration with the service. Registration is done by school leaders only. Currently it is important that teachers are registered for English, Science and Business Studies. School leaders are reminded that you can do so by going to www.jctregistration.ie. JCT endeavours to minimise the number of teachers per school invited to CPD on any given day.